5 ways To De-stress That Every New Mom Should Know

WOOT First blog post ever! About time I just JUMP right in, no? Anyways, I’ve been so stressed out lately. Motherhood is rewarding, but also very hard. I’m juggling school work, baby, and just trying to feel like ME again. I realized I needed to do something about my stress once my emotional state started manifesting itself physically. Sometimes the thought of my homework assignments had me running to the bathroom, real talk. Anyway, here are 5 ways I de-stress (and it’s not yoga, ha):

#1| Take a Super Nice Hot Warm Bath

I even turn off the lights sometimes. Pitch black, quiet. I do this at night once my baby is down for the night. Gives me the chance to really get my thoughts together and come back to myself, my breath, and my body. I can always count on bath bombs to get me in that mood.

“Tisty Tosty”|Lush Bath Bombs, $6.95 

#2| Listen to Podcasts

My absolute favorite is called “The Longest Shortest Time”, by Hilary Frank and Stitcher. Super refreshing to know that what I was feeling as a new mom was 100% accurate and normal. It really put my mind at ease and it reassured me that I was doing ok. Also listening to this podcast was great for when my sweet bub cries nonstop and I needed to block out her cries while I tended to her.

Image from podcastenthusiast

#3| Cook A Meal That You LOVE

I love trying new recipes and cooking delicious foods. Sometimes it’s a chore…but when I find that one recipe I’ve been wanting to try, it’s on! It’s therapeutic for me. For that moment I can focus on chopping, washing, sauteing, mixing, and making my plates look pretty, of course! Takes my mind off a few things and helps me relax. I can always count on Instagram for giving me that inspo. Love browsing through @cultivatewithkruti’s page, she makes the prettiest and most nutritional plates out there!

#4| Notice Your Breath

Yes, breathing. My stress usually triggers my anxiety and when that happens I literally don’t breathe. My breathing becomes irregular, I begin to feel dizzy, disoriented, and overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of that state. But when I can, I bring awareness to my breath, notice it’s irregularities, how shallow it is, and I do my best to stay in the moment. At times my surroundings are over stimulating and I cannot focus. When this happens I put my headphones on and use the insight timer meditation app. It really helps!


5. Write It All Out!

I mean really. My thoughts are all over the place sometimes and it feels oh so good to give them a safe place. Sometimes I journal in my actual journal or the notes section on my iPhone. If you struggle with writing ideas, check out The Happiness Planner’s 52 Week Journal. I love this because it really helps you focus on your happiness! It can’t get better than that.

52-Week Journal, The Happiness Planner| $38

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