7 Unique and Cheap Gifts New Dads REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

PArty Ideas

Actually, you don’t need to give them a god damn thing. YOU GAVE THEM A BABY. BYE.



I think we can all agree that shopping for men can be a little difficult and if you ask me a bit of a dragggggg


Sooooo, I’ve compiled a cute little ol’ list to make your life just a little easier. Not only are these gifts affordable but they’re extremely useful and thoughtful ❤ (that’s just the kind of girl that I am). Because they’re first time Dads, you’ll win by making this as memorable as possible.

Little Bite of Love-18

$27 @ Amazon

Ok, so this is a little expensive for a key chain, but it is so well-made and customizable. What I love about this key chain is that it not too over the top. I wouldn’t necessarily get this as a solo gift, but an addition to another gift. So cute and they can take it everywhere with them.

Little Bite of Love

Mommy and me outfits are HELLA CUTE, but there’s just something about Daddy and me outfits make my ovaries explode.


Think of your babe’s favorite sports team, and get your baby the matching jersey! My love is definitely a sportsman kinda guy. Check out these sites below!

MLB Kids Jersey 

NFL Kids Jersey

NHL Kids Jersey

NBA Kids Jersey

If your boo is not into sports–these are really cute too! Can always count on Etsy for the super unique and thoughtful gifts. Click on whichever ones you’re into!

$25 @ Esty
$40 @ Etsy
$29 @ Etsy
$32 @ Etsy
$30 @ Etsy
$23 @ Etsy

Little Bite of Love-24

ETSY is forever coming through for your girl! I am always buying t-shirts for my man.  Not only can your honey wear this, but it also serves as a little play mat for your kid.

$22 @ Etsy 

functional and FUN. Look how relaxed daddy looks while effortlessly bonding with his kids. Now…that’s parenting done right.


Little Bite of Love-21

If your babe is a beer lover, they will def love! Honestly, beer tastes WAY better in a mug! You can personalize this in any way you want and only for $24! Major WIN.

$24 @ Personalization Mall

It hold 25 OZ, HOLY. Show him your appreciation and offer him a cold one in this!


Little Bite of Love-22

Nothing is more sexy to me when I hear my man say to me “Don’t worry babe I packed my bag we are ready to go”.



um WOW okay…..



This Eddie Bauer Backpack from Target is just too good!

Your stylish babe will love! Definitely something he wont be too embarrassed to rock!


For only $50? Yep, your babe is worth it.

Remember mama, I’m tryna make your life EASIER, you know what I’m sayin’?!


Little Bite of Love-25

You’d be surprised the amount of things that loosen up, break, and fall apart with a baby around the house. Not only that but have you guys seen baby toys these days? Some need to be assembled, require screw drivers, etc. It’s soo necessary to have this bad boy handy.

$10 @ Home Depot

What I love most about this, is that it’s all kept in one place and can be easily stored away. Trust me, you don’t need ANY more clutter than what’s probably already there. The tools are pretty small and can fit anywhere your kid can’t get to.


Super functional and thoughtful!

Little Bite of Love-23

Oh well you look at that, something you guys can BOTH WEAR. hahahahaa.


I can always appreciate Uniqlo and their unisex apparel. This hoodie is super soft, not too chunky, and sleek.

$14.90 @ Uniqlo

Daddy days are tough and getting dressed is a pain. Your love can throw this over and be ready to gooo! I am in love with this army green but if that’s not your  bae’s style there’s so many other colors to choose from.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.45.54 PM


Dads deserve a little TLC too! Some work just as much if not MORE. My partner and I are a hell of a team. He works full-time and is so hands on with our baby it amazes me how he even has the energy to do it. I appreciate him so much and just love giving him things whenever I can. Whether it’s a heck of a meal, a fav t-shirt, etc; it counts!

Do you guys agree? Like and comment below!

Happy shopping ❤



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