Getting My Picky One Year Old To Eat With Homemade and Blessed Food.

My daughter has always been a great eater. But for the last few weeks mama over here has been FRUSTRATED. I don’t know if it’s the teething, her preferences, appetite, etc. I just…..really…..don’t know…


Last week, I received a package in the mail from, Homemade and Blessed. They are the creators (and truly, the geniuses) behind FREEZE DRIED ORGANIC baby food. Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical about the “freeze-dried”, I didn’t think it would be tasty at all. I had so many questions! Like….is it still nutritious? Does it taste the same? and most importantly, would my baby eat it?

But boyyyyyy, was I wrong. They were generous enough to send me 5 flavors. Sweet Potato, Avocado, Mango, Coconut Mango Banana, and Banana

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& Here’s what I LOVE about their product

  1. ALL ORGANIC (and if you know me, this is KEY)
  2. Non GMO
  3. No additives or preservatives
  4. Not just FOR BABIES (major win bc I’m forever forgetting to feed myself)
  5. So easy to make: Simply add water, formula, or breast milk.
  6. So affordable $2.00-$2.50 (depending which flavor)
  7. You can do SO much with it!
  8. Also mommy and daughter owned, how cute. #goals

I had so much fun finding all the different ways to make this for my sweetie! She loved it! Check out below:

#1| Mommy and Me SMOOTHIE

Not only was this smoothie for my babe, but mama had some too! Love that! This strawberry and banana smoothie was bomb. The banana taste was so fresh you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was freeze-dried. I was SHOOK


Here’s the ingredients for this super easy + filling smoothie:

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

  • 4 tbsp Water
  • 1/2 Cup of strawberries
  • 1 Banana flavored Homemade and Blessed packet
  • 1/2 tbsp of Chia Seeds
  • Almond Milk (adjust amount depending on how thick you want your smoothie)

Oh and I made another one because it was TOO GOOD, check this out:

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

This tropical smoothie had me feeling like it was summer time. The coconut in this packet really gave my smoothie that vacation in the Caribbean kind of vibe and I was here for it! Not just ME, but so was my daughter!


Processed with VSCO with s1 preset
My beautiful daughter, having a melt down bc she wanted her smoothie. Do you see the tears?

Real quick, the ingredients:

  • 1 packet of Coconut Mango Banana
  • 1 cup of frozen mixed fruits (mine had peach, pineapple, and strawberry)
  • 1 Cup of milk (adjust milk depending on preferred thickness)
  • 1/2 Cup of Oats

And you blennd. Seriously so good! Some for the big mama and the little mama! You just can’t go wrong with this one.

#2| I Mixed It With Some Rice!

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

This was a no brainer. My daughter loves rice! Glad that I was able to take plain ol’ white rice and make it super nutritious! I added the avocado pack, 4 TBS of water, and some white rice. She ate ALL OF IT!

#3| Gave it to her as is!

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

I was curious as to how the mango tasted alone with just water! So delicious, you would’ve sworn I bought the mangoes myself and pureed them! Flavor was bold, tangy, and sweet. This was a perfect little snack for my one year old! And to no surprise my daughter ate it and I WAS SO HAPPY.


I mean look at her go…all inquisitive and open and just……LOVING IT. Major winnnnnn



For those of you who follow me on the internets, you guys know I throw DOWN in the kitchen. There were some days I found myself cooking multiple dishes for one meal in hopes that my daughter will eat SOMETHING. Maybe this is a sign that I need to really simplify what I do, keep it natural, easy and organic. I swear, homemade and blessed came at a perfect time!


Mamas, what’s your go-to meal when it comes to your kids? Like and Comment below!








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