Valentine’s Gift Guide: 8 Unique and Thoughtful Gifts For a New Mom

Valentines days is two weeks away! But guess what….you still have time to get those orders in. I’ve compiled a list of not only thoughtful ass gifts but cute, and affordable AF. Some of the gifts I’m about to share with you guys are ACTUAL gifts my boyfriend has given me because he’s literally the most thoughtful person in the planet.

Little Bite of Love-6

For mother’s day my cute ass bf gave me this.  Beautiful wall art of how the night sky looked like when our daughter was born. Literally the most magical moment of my life, so yes this was sooo APPROPRIATE.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.25.55 PM
$60 @ The Night Sky

I have it displayed in my living room like this.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



You can choose any memorable day. The first time you and your partner met, anniversaries, etc. For only $60 give your loved one a gift that’ll last a lifetime.

Little Bite of Love-7

By the time my birthday came around, my baby love was 2 months old! At that time, I felt as though time was FLYING by me but also going by really slow? I was just WAY too tired to really appreciate the moments/milestones of my baby. My boyfriend printed out Amelia’s baby pictures from his own personal collection, printed them, and put them in an album for me. I cried my eyes out one because he had pictures that I had NEVER seen before and two babies change so much so fast that it was so emotional watching the progression.


Everything is so digital these days. When you’re gray and old will you even have the capacity to access google photos?? I mean…


Yeah, I don’t see that happening. Photos are one of the gaurenteed ways that you know you can hold on to those memories wherever you go and pass them down for generations to come.


I am loving this “Happy Day” photo album from Philly Whitney.

$10 @ Century 21

The heart shape floral cover design is perfect for the care-free, loving, boho mama in your life. If you’re not feeling this one for your babe, there’s so many other cute ones to choose from!

Little Bite of Love-8

My boyfriend randomly bought me Pajamas when I was postpartum. You know how the older you get the more you appreciate socks for christmas? Imagine that feeling times  100. That was me. 200-4

Seriously tho, I wear pajamas 99% of the time [or my boyfriend t-shirts/boxers ha]. I am loving these PJ’s from Amazon, for only $27! It’s super cute, cozy, warm, and comfortable.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 2.10.39 PM
$27 @ Amazon

You can ALMOST wear this outside…..and they probably actually will LOL. Your babe is gonna want something that they can wear both INSIDE the house and OUT. TRUST ME. It’s their new reality, just go with the flow.


Little Bite of Love-10

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.02.31 PM
$21 @ JC Penny

I don’t know about anyone else, but whenever I take a shower I love to just hangout in my robe for a bit. My boyfriend bought me this last year and I’ve used it everyday since. It’s something that your honey can dry themselves in and CHILL in.


YES, multitasking for the fucking win oh and also a win for you for being the most thoughtful person ever!!!!.

Little Bite of Love-11

As a new mom a nice hot cup of coffee quickly became a thing of the past. A Mug that’s gonna keep my coffee HOT, is essential. Even if your boo is not the ‘traveling’ type, this keeps your coffee warm for way longer than it takes for you to drink it.


Coffee and those early baby months go hand in hand. If bae is a major coffee drinker, THEY WILL LOVE. Also it comes with a cover! [although I wouldn’t recommend drinking hot beverages near a baby] If bae is a clumsy one, this is a winnnnnn.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.51.05 PM
$12 @ Target

I really can’t get over how chic this looks. UGH.


Little Bite of Love-12

When you’re busy with a baby, you learn to appreciate the little things, walking around in warm fuzzy slippers is definitely one of them. It’s like a hug……for your feet. If your honey’s feet are always cold, these are perfect for them.


Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.48.01 PM
$25 @ GAP


Little Bite of Love-14

Seriously, because your babies’ face as your wallpaper is just NOT ENOUGH! I was able to link my Instagram and choose my fav pics from my grid to create my collage. Caseify does such a great job at featuring your precious angel while keepin’ cute.



If you’re not comfortable with that, the site let’s you customize any phone case in so many different ways. The more creative, the more thoughtful, the more your love will appreciate the effort! That’s what it’s all about.

Little Bite of Love-16

Ok, this is the most cliche of them all, but really…you just can’t go wrong with jewelry! especially if it’s meaningful. My sweet boyfriend got me this vintage gold owl necklace from the Etsy Shop @FreshyFig. Seriously so cute, I mean look at it!


So damn cute. I love owls! So major points from my bae ❤ he got the pair on the branch for my daughter and myself. THE LOVES OF HIS LIFE DUH.


Jewelry is always a great idea for your Valentine.  But what make it even better is when it’s personalized or represents your honey. FreshyFig, has so many designs to choose from. Seriously, loooooook:



Also, jewelry is 14K Gold fill chain, and SUPER affordable. I’m about to make a year with mine and it’s still in perfect condition. Head on over to the site! Your babe will loveeeeeee.


Hope ya’ll enjoyed this little get up I got together for you guys! But remember, it’s not about the gift but as long as it comes with a little bite of love, it is all good. What do you guys think? Comment and share <3.

XOXOX, Dorissa



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